Welcome to my website.

Elsewhere I write novels and screenplays, but here you’ll find nonfiction.

I’m a single mom and tend to write about dating and parenting. I’m also over 40, so there is that. . . .

I hope you’ll read something here that causes laughter or tears (preferably both), entertains you or at the very least leaves you better informed.

I’d love your feedback. Please comment via the Contact Page (i.e. “Get to Me”). Thanks!

Where I’m Blogging From

Nov 19, 2015PTSD: A Break-up Story

That’s right; I’m likening my three-month relationship to a concentration camp.

Oct 31, 2015Manosaurus the Vegan. An OkCupid Excerpt.

“Other than being a vegan, you seem like the ideal man.”

Oct 11, 2014Dating Stories

Sure, you can meet a stranger in a bar, but you wouldn’t have his data handy: does he want long-term or short-term dating? Or casual sex? Does he have children, etc.? The thing is, if you only want him for an hour or two, details like his income won’t matter.

photo by Cheryl Juetten

Dana Cera lives in Portland, Oregon, with her daughter and their dog.

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